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matt's latest  recording

Although Backernalia is his fifth solo release Backer’s sideman CV includes Sir Elton John, Julian Lennon, Emmylou Harris, and Rumer. Backer’s 20 years as an ABC member sees Martin Fry given a co-right credit for “The Devil Washed His Hands of Me”. Frequent melodic pop courses pop-up most notably on “Close Protection” where is possible to imagine Fry taking the chorus and Glenn Hughes the verses. 

         The album stylistic range impresses to the slightly self-effacing sleeve image trails a recurring album theme, notably the smooth funk of Mose Allison ‘s tongue in cheek “Middle Class White Boy” and “The Last Guitarist” ‘a throwback to a bygone age…life filled with Jimmy Page’.  “The Dictators Daughter” is a humorous twin-point- of-view faux-dramatic ballad worthy of the Kursall Flyers in their pomp.

         Fuzzy slide beds the straight-ahead rocker “TMI” is a huge sounding mixing thunderous rhythms and 60s wah-wah. The cord progression, Lily Gonzala’s counter vocal and gospel chorus give a Ray Charles feel to “Hooked on Love”. “Unrequited Love Song” is a ballad of genuine hurt beautiful sung a companion piece sonically to a soaring punchy Secondhand Heart”. . Mari Wilson, also welcome, and credited ‘vocals, glamour.’ provides soulful smoothness has a juxtaposition to the tautness of “The Eyes Have It” as it rumbles along gently. 

         There’s something here for everyone


-- David Innes  -  Rock and Reel Magazine

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